Houdini FX Online Training Session-02 ( FACULTY ONLY)

 Start Date : April 27, 2019

 End Date  : April 27, 2019

Coupon Code : Only Faculties should Register

Description :

This session conducted by FX Technical Director, DNEG Studios Mumbai, is an extended session of around 4 hours. Day & Date: Saturday, 27th April 2019 Time: 2 PM to 6 PM

Topics to be covered in Houdini FX Training – 2nd Session
Particles: Basic particles sim, solver, fakeCollision in particles, condition based particle emission. RBD: Fracturing (Boolean & Voronnoi), Basic Attributes for rigid body sim and constraints. Volumes: Houdini volume and vdb, simple smoke sim, combustion model basics, pyro explosion Fluids: Basic fluid sim, Ocean spectrum, shading, and lighting Rendering: Materials, Houdini lighting, uvTexture, Mantra Rendering Parameters. Dynamics: Will be covered & Shown Practically on a File.

Faculties are advised to have ALL institute students login in Creosouls and create a profile before this event. Register for the Event by using below Link (Visible to only Faculties & Admin).